PEEWEE division is for contestant’s ages 3-6. There are five (5) approved events.                                       

1) Barrel Racing                    

2) Pole Bending                 

 3) Mutton Busting

4) Dummy Roping

5) Goat Ribbon Pull (undressing)



Junior division is for contestant’s ages seven (7) years to age ten (10). Senior division is for contestant’s ages eleven (11) years to age fourteen (14). High School division is for ages fifteen (14) years (must be in high school) to age nineteen (19). Each division is as follows:

1) Jr Steer riding -Jr only           

2)Steer riding -Sr & HS   

3)Tie Down roping -Sr & HS   

4) Dummy Roping -Jr only    

5)Breakaway roping-Sr & HS 

6) Chute Dogging 

7) Pole Bending

8) Goat Flanking -Jr  only

9) Goat Tying -Sr  & HS

10) Team roping -Sr & HS

11) Barrel Racing

All events are open to boys and girls.


Jr steer riding, steer riding, breakaway, tie down and team roping stock will be by draw for each contestant, for each rodeo.

All stock will be chute run for all rodeos.

Goats will be rotated on a regular rotation determined by the arena director and/or judge.



1ST -10 points              6th -5 points

2nd -9 points                7th -4 points

3rd -8 points                8th -3 points

4th -7 points                9th -2 points

5th -6 points                10th -1 point


Headers and heelers will be a team, or we will draw.



  • Attendance rules – to qualify for awards contestants must compete in 5 of the scheduled rodeos. To qualify for that event, contestant must compete in that event at 5 rodeos.
  • End if season awards – To qualify for these contestants must have paid membership fee, sponsorship fee, the required amount of raffle tickets and meet the attendance requirement of 5 rodeos.
  • Final points – Points are earned throughout the rodeo season and accumulated and carried through the final rodeo.
  • Tie breaker – In the event of a tie for awards placing at the last rodeo, there will be a runoff or rope off following the last round. The runoff will consist of one (1) run, fastest time wins.
  • All around is accumulated from all points that were awarded from events participated in.
  • Saddles will be awarded to a boy and a girl in JR, SR and HS for all highest all-around.



  • All events will have a 60 second time limit except high school division, they will have a 30 second time limit.
  • Dismounting – The Peewee division is the only division able to have assistance mounting or dismounting their horse in any event.
  • Year-end awards – are based on attendance and participation in that event.
  • Issues – all issues during an event will be handled in this manner and must be addressed before the end of the event:
  1. Ask to have the event paused.
  2. Ask to speak to the arena director and event judge.
  3. The arena director and judge’s decision are the final call.
  • If a call by the arena director or judge is questioned, you must see the arena director before the end of the event, if you fail to do so the call is final.
  • In any event if a contestant is called 3 -times and has not showed, they will be put on a 60 second clock, after 60 seconds they will be given a no time.
  • Order of events will be posted before the start of rodeo series. The arena director will have the right to change the order, the change will be posted 1 hour before the rodeo begins.
  • The arena director will have the right to change any pattern in a event due to arena conditions.