Membership Fee $45 individual and $60 per family per year due in October

Everyone will pay a $10 individual or $15 family grounds fee per month.


Non members will pay $10 per month additional and no points given

Barrels. $15 Mutton Busting $20
Poles $15 Chute Dogging $20
Goat Undressing $20 Break Away $20
Goat Flanking $20 Calf Riding $20
Goat Tying $20 Steer Riding $20
Dummy Roping $15 Team Roping $20
Tie Down Roping $20

Other Financial Obligations

Yearly Sponsorship $100 per family due by 4th rodeo

Mandatory Raffle Ticket Fundraiser $200 per family, stubs and money are due by 5th rodeo


Just click on the link above to pay if you cannot take a picture of the QR code!

Take a picture of QR code with your smart phone and it will bring you to the payment page, all you need to do from there is put in the amount you owe and pay!

There is a $5 convience fee for using credit cards and paypal, for each transaction used. 

You can also go to the church website to pay, on there you can use any card you would like, just be sure to click the drop down that says Arena Ministry on it, add your email address. click the pay for fees box and then submit, you will recieve your recipt via email and we will as well and you will not be charged the additional $5 fee as long as you check that box, and you will get your conf email pretty quick. just click this link