Membership Fee $45 individual and $60 per family per year due in October

Everyone will pay a $10 individual or $15 family grounds fee per month.


Non members will pay $10 per month additional and no points given

Barrels. $20 Mutton Busting $25
Poles $20 Chute Dogging $25
Goat Undressing $25 Break Away $25
Goat Flanking $25 Jr Steer Riding $25
Goat Tying $25 Steer Riding $25
Dummy Roping $20 Team Roping $25
Tie Down Roping $25

Other Financial Obligations

Yearly Sponsorship $100 per family due by 4th rodeo

Mandatory Raffle Ticket Fundraiser $200 per family, stubs and money are due by 5th rodeo